Our Story and Ethos


It really is a simple story.

The most important aspects of life are simple.

And we are not any different.

This brand represents the blossoming journey and relationship of a mother and daughter.

My mother Cissy and I have been inseparable since I was a child. Our relationship was built on having fun together like best friends.

Cissy has always loved doing all sorts of arts and craft. She was self-taught but nonetheless fantastic at the broad variety of arts that she was ever involved in. As a little child, I would watch her small hands work intricately on modelling clay, painting, making jewellery and much more. At the age of 3, I was able to knit a pretty decent scarf and by the age of 8 I was able to sketch from real life objects.

But the point isn't how much we could do, it was the time that we spent together doing arts and craft that is the most precious. I had a very happy childhood, and these memories make up a large portion of it.

We want to keep doing what we love together and I, as a daughter, want to extend the time we spend together and so we created Cissy's.

Every piece of jewellery you see from us is a result of precious happy moments spent together and we hope that you can feel the love and passion that we put in our pieces.

Our style is never solely trend driven. We take classic and trendy designs and put a chic twist to it. As a result, it is never over the top and it is always elegant.

We hope you feel chic in our designs and we wish you a life filled with sweet precious moments.



Eunice and Cissy



Our Ethos

We are a small business with big dreams but we like to do things right, from the very beginning.

Our impact might be small in this world and in our community, but we believe every little bit counts.

These are some of the important issues to us:

Women in the workforce and EQUALITY - We understand the challenges faced by women because we are women. We try our best to give women more chances to excel in what they do by choosing to work with women in as much areas as we can. Currently, we are working with great women in design, manufacturing and marketing. Whenever and wherever we can, we try to work and collaborate with women.

By giving women more chances to do what they are good at, we can push further and harder to break gender barriers.


Gemstone sourcing from suppliers with strict protocols - We source our gemstones only from suppliers that are transparent with ethical trade issues, ensuring that they either have first-hand knowledge of where the stones came from or have experts that visit the suppliers/cutters to make sure that socially responsible practices are followed.


Working with small local businesses - It's important to us to help small local businesses because we are a small business as well.

We are currently working with local businesses in terms of design, manufacturing and marketing and we hope we can continue on this road.