Upside Down Long Shell Pearl Drop Earrings

$49.00 USD

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An interesting yet simple take on the classic dangle pearl earrings.

We have chosen to use shell pearls and they have a very durable outer layer: thus, the brilliant lustre can be preserved for a long time. The lustre will not be as affected by sweat or perfume than freshwater or south sea pearls.


What are shell pearls? 
Shell pearls are made from Mother of Pearls (the inner lining of oyster shells). It is ground to a fine powder, reshaped, dyed, coated with natural pearl nacre and protective coating. Shell pearls too, come in different quality and sizes - we chose exceptional ones to make our jewellery with.


- 14k gold-filled components and ear wires

- Hypoallergenic

- Approx. 3 inch drop

- Handmade in Canada