Gum in the Sky

$67.00 USD

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If you like vintage handmade glass beads, these bracelets are a must in your collection. They make great stacking pieces and add so much aesthetics and vibe.  

This designs features vintage antique handmade chewing gum looking matte glass beads (pink/blue stripes) and candy corn baby blue patterned glass beads. The patterns are just on point! 

These handmade glass beads are not only just vintage, they are a piece of history and the craftsmanship is just something that is hard to find in modern glass pieces. 

- stretch bracelets 

- Approx. 7 1/4 inches. Stretchable and will fit a range of wrist sizes (even 6.5 inch wrists would be able to wear this)

- if you need a much larger size, please DM us on Instagram @cissysofficial or email us at Additional charges may apply.

- handmade with vintage antique handmade glass beads, high quality jade gemstones (up to 12mm large) freshwater pearls

- handmade in Toronto, Canada